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SNL’s “(Do It On My) Twin Bed”

For those bringing home a significant other for the holidays, you may be dreading the experience on many levels. For example, being back in your childhood bedroom. Twin bed, high school posters on the wall, unfortunate photos. The experience can … Continue reading

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Older, Not Wiser

I met this guy at a back-to-school event. He’s a grad student in my department, I’m an undergrad. I’d never seen him around, as there’s not a ton of crossover between the graduate students & undergrads in our programs. But … Continue reading

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Summer Playlist: Later Dude! Addition

We’re supremely lucky at SFAR that one of our co-founders is related to a bomb ass DJ. Said disc jockey, DJ Shmalifornia of KSPC in Claremont, CA has compiled the first of several sum-sum-summer mixes for SFAR listeners. The theme … Continue reading

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“Yo Let’s Text For Awhile and Maybe Hook Up”

This was submitted from a reader in San Francisco who found it on jwz.org. Ring any bells? We love this a lot…

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Maybe Not Tonight

My female friend Molly had started a new job as front desk manager of a super-swanky boutique hotel and was crushing pretty hard on her coworker – the very sexy (and 10 years older) bar manager of the hotel lounge. … Continue reading

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This Bed is Occupied

In college I hooked up with girls, as did many other young women at my college. One of my first experiences was with an older girl, let’s call her Elise, who I thought was so incredibly beautiful and awesome. She … Continue reading

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Ultra Death, Ultra Uncomfortable

After work one day, I was over at this guy’s apartment.  We were dating for a while at this point.  As we talked about our days, the guy started unpacking his bag and took out a ziplock back containing hot … Continue reading

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An Italian Close Call

One time I was in Italy with my family for a wedding. It was a happy occasion in one of the most gorgeous settings in the world- the Tuscan countryside. At the wedding I spotted a really cute guy who … Continue reading

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When You Gotta Go…

So I recently went on a few dates with a guy, and things seemed really promising. He was attractive, successful, really nice, and seemed genuine. So it finally came time when I felt comfortable having a little sleepover. It was … Continue reading

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10 Minute Fred

Here is some background on a loser guy from my job. He is separated but still legally married to a pornstar. He is 29 and a drug dealer who resorts to using the gas tank of his car to store … Continue reading

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