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Why Yes, They Are Mine

I was walking in Union Square Park to meet a friend for dinner, looking very weary after work when I ran into a friend. We chatted for a bit and as we said goodbye, two awkward chubby 15-year-old boys crossed … Continue reading

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Badoo? Badon’t…

Check out this ad for dating site Badoo.com: “Catch crumbs in your mouth??” Ummmmmm. These ads make me not want to meet anyone who’s on Badoo.com!  Advertising fail. SFAR

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Subway Peepshow

I was riding the train to the school where I teach one morning when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Some sort of seeds (maybe sunflower seeds?) were spilling out of a paper bag a man … Continue reading

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Dear Sir…

Heat or no heat, this is a really awkward way to ride the subway.  Especially because it seems like the shine of your chest was a planned component of your carefully chosen ensemble.

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