SFAR in China- Sir, are you lost?


I was laying in bed one night trying to fall asleep when I heard strange sounds coming from outside in my apartment complex. I went over to the window to figure out what was going on, and realized it was the sound of two people having sex on their balcony. I live in Shanghai in a large complex of high rises with gardens and a courtyard in the middle, so if I could hear it, I guarentee you many other people could as well. Anyway, as I listened I realized the woman involved was repeating a phrase – 这里, 这里 这里 (zhe li, zhe li, zhe li) over and over again and then moaning, “ahhhhh!”. For those who don’t speak Chinese, “zhe li” means “here”, so what she was saying over and over again was, “here, here, here….ahhh”. This is as bizarre in Chinese as it is in English. Of all the things to say during sex, it’s so funny and embarassing because it conveyed he did not know what he was doing! Or maybe she just couldn’t feel it. Either way SFAR

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