SFAR in China: Allow the Pharmacy Display to Speak for Itself

International trade affords China with countless foreign innovations- many of which are increasingly developed, tested and packaged in China. Take, for example, pharmaceuticals. Now, while traditional Eastern medicine is still embraced within China (some might say it prevails as the leading form of medicinal treatment in the country) foreign drugs and pharmaceuticals are creeping into the marketplace. In many cases, China has its own local version of perscription drugs (e.g. the morning after pill) as well as over the counter drugs (e.g. allergy medications).

For some ailments however, there is no mainland substitute better than the American alternative. Allow the pharmacy display to speak for itself:

We’re going to go out on a limb and venture a guess that erectile dysfuntion is somewhat of an “issue” in China. That, or Eli Lilly just had a lot of extra Cialis it decided to dump in the mainland. Either or.

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