Nothing Says Love Like a Crunchwrap Supreme

Background: A guy and girl have been hooking up for a few months and live in the same dorm at college. He is rather awkward and getting him to ask her to come home with him is like pulling teeth. One night, he tried a technique to bed her I like to call the Fourth Meal Method.

Guy: Hey, where are you?

Girl: At a bar, coming back to campus soon though. Where are you?

Guy: Back at the dorm. I bought a crunchwrap supreme for you in case you want it.

Despite her conscience telling her she should probably avoid guys who lure her to their bedrooms with beef that comes out of a tube, she makes her way to his room where they smoke a bowl and eat their crunchwraps. Before she knows it, he is passed out on the couch, signaling her exit. Not the kind of seasoned beef she was hoping for that night, but delicious nonetheless.

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