Missing the Target

I got set up with a guy through a mutual friend (always a risky situation) but we were going to go on a double date so I felt a little bit better about it. The four of us wound up going to a movie and, of course, my friend and her date left the two of us alone so we could talk and “get to know eachother better” while we were all waiting for the previews to start.

As we are sitting there making small talk he goes “So you don’t get out much do you?” to which I just looked at him confused. I have traveled around the world and consider myself a pretty outgoing and worldly person and had no idea where he got that. I forget what excuse he had for saying that to me but the rest of the night was filled with sly insults.

I’m still convinced he was going for the “asshole that all the girls want” but was just coming off as an asshole. The next couple days I had been avoiding his texts and making up excuses as to why I couldn’t go back out with him anytime soon when I see him at Target. I was on my way to have my friend’s house who was going to dye my hair so I was wearing an old tee shirt and jeans. Nothing special, but I figured it was Target appropriate. He worked there and comes up to me and this is how the conversation goes:

Boy: “Hey! Wow, you look tired.”
Girl: “Oh, yeah, I just woke up from a nap.”
Boy: “Yeah… you have bags under your eyes… and you kind of look like shit…”

I, dumbfounded, walk away without saying another word and before I was able to walk out the door I get a text from him saying “So when are we going out again?” Needless to say a second date did not happen.

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