Have donated, will overshare

I got into the elevator at the office this morning and was joined by two young guys who presumably work in the building. They were loud-talking and it was hot, so i leaned my head against the interior wall and closed my eyes. The one guy (still loud talking) says to his work buddy, “one time I sold my plasma for money.” Omg. I felt instantly ready to barf or keel over. I wasn’t exactly sure what plasma even was- blood? But it was too much information for a hot early morning elevator ride.

His friend, who seemed less obnoxious, would have to halt this conversation. He would HAVE to be too embarrassed to be discussing this in a closed space with a female. Right? He’d ignore him, change the subject, something.

“How much does that pay?” he asked, as if out of pure, genuine curiosity. “Ehhh not a lot, just like 50 bucks. And the thing is, the process is really…”. And that’s when I got off the elevator. And thought to myself, what in HELL has the modern dating terrain devolved into? SFAR

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