Garlic Pill Epidemic

When my ex-boyfriend and I were first together, I noticed on more than one occasion that he would smell STRONGLY of garlic on his breath, when we hadn’t eaten anything garlicky. One night I mentioned to him that he smelled like garlic and he said that perhaps it was the garlic pill he had taken earlier. I told him he might want to avoid that, and assume he stopped taking them because it was no longer a problem.

Recently I was out with a very cute guy who I have known for a long time.

As we got tipsy and more comfortable with one another, I leaned closer and realized that he TOO smelled intensely like garlic.

The next time I was over at his place I noticed that he had a jar of garlic pills too!

What gives? Is there some myth being propogated to young guys that taking garlic pills is beneficial to them? “Odorless Garlic” is an oxymoron. No matter how cute someone is, there is nothing cute about the smell of garlic breath.

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing positive enough to outweigh the negative!


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