Pervy Men: They Come in All Sizes

Scene: Girl moves to NYC for her first big job after college and struggles to adjust to the ‘conditions’ of the NY subway during rush hour….

The bumping, nudging, pushing and general man-handling that occurs ubiquitously on the NY subway is a shock to the system, and as a new resident of NYC, Girl is hardly used to the daily fondling (nor will she ever be) of rush hour subway travel.

During one of many uncomfortably tight rush-hour subway rides, you know, one of those days where you wish you didn’t need a purse…or your right arm to get through the day. Somewhere around 66th on the 1 train, Girl feels someone move DIRECTLY behind her…the kind of proximity and positioning you can drunkenly tolerate at a bar or on a dance floor with a prospective male, but never on the subway.

The subway departs, and for the next 40 blocks she cringes as ‘something’ bumps into her butt with every jolt of the train car. Girl, tightens her body to hold still and minimize any additional, unwanted friction.

The subway finally arrives at Girl’s stop, and with one quick side step she’s free…but…before leaving this moment behind forever, she peeks over her shoulder to issue a stern glare at the pervy perpetrator. To her surprise:  the man, the violator, was a little person….and the ‘bumping’ she felt against her butt was not caused by an aroused groin …it was a FACE…unhesitatingly planting itself into her derriere.

Forever traumatized and SFAR.


The Graduate

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