Song of the Day: Tous Les Mêmes

Stromae is fabulous, this song is beyond catchy and these lyrics (see translation below) are extremely on point.


“All you men are all the same
Macho but cheap
A band of wimpy unfaithfuls
So predictable. No, I’m not certain that you
deserve me”

“All the same, all the same, all the same and we’re fed up”

Full translation here.

A most appropriate song for the day.


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Attack of the Gumnut Babies

australian-flag maygibbs_pinI had been dating a guy for about three months, and things had been going reasonably well. That was, until I decided to take him to an Australia Day party as my plus-one. I’d been there with him for about three hours, having fun with him and my friends. In walk two girls dressed like slutty Gumnut Babies. (For American readers, Gumnut Babies are cartoon storybook characters, kind of like a Kewpie Doll.) One streamlined towards my then-boyfriend, who took an immediate interest in her. I brushed it off when the girl invited my boyfriend to join her for a drink, allowing myself to be immersed in conversation with other guests at the party. Cut to 45 minutes later, two people having asked me if my boyfriend was the one sitting with the Gumnut Baby, and I had had enough. Continue reading

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Millionaire Matchmaker is Back!

B4SdbUFCAAAcVf0We’re big fans of Patti Stanger aka Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker. She’s a third-generation matchmaker with lots of helpful advice and zero filter when it comes to doling out relationship advice. This next season, is the EIGHTH season for “The Millionaire Matchmaker”. And we’ve been waiting months for it. From the looks of it, this is going to be a star-studded season. Chilli, from TLC, is a single lady looking for love in one episode. Also a client? Larry Birkhead, former husband of Anna Nicole Smith. It also appears that Sonja Morgan- queen of Real Housewives of New York may be a client as well! This looks like a rousing time, and we can’t wait!

Check out Bravo for more details. And tune in Sunday night at 9:30 ET/PT for the season premiere.

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Aziz Ansari Explains Feminism

Aziz Ansari is a talented writer, comedian, actor and apparently proud feminist. In a recent interview with David Letterman, he spoke about his understanding of what it means to be a feminist and why he thinks it’s important to talk about gender issues, including in comedy. Much of his understanding of feminism he attributes to his girlfriend, saying, “my girlfriend makes me think about those things. She’s a big feminist and I am too”. Go, Aziz!

He also goes on to make some pretty hilarious comments about equality between Beyonce and Jay Z. Check out the interview clip here:

This makes us love Aziz even more, and brings up a very important rule. If you’re going to shack up with a significant other, please make it someone who respects you as an equal.


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Song Of The Day: Shoop

hqdefaultNothing better than… Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop”…

Click through for more!

Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Chromeo



Once again Chromeo knocks it out of the park. This time it’s hit mainstream radio. Click through! Continue reading

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How To Pretend You Haven’t Googled Him via Reductress

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.51.07 PMIf you haven’t checked out Reductress, you should. It’s basically a feminist version of “The Onion” where stories about women and women’s topics are hit head-on with sarcasm and wit. A recent favorite find on Reductress is entitled, “How to Pretend You Haven’t Googled Him”. It’s extremely on point. Click through for the list…

Continue reading

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Hair You See Him, Hair You Don’t

cfl-light-bulbI had just relocated to a new city and was settling in, meeting new people and finding my way. One day I received a Facebook message from an acquaintance I hadn’t heard from in years. At first I wasn’t sure how I knew him but recalled thanks to Facebook we’d met once or twice through friends while I was working abroad. He was writing to say welcome to the state and that he often traveled to my city for work and would I like to get drinks. I said yes. Within two weeks he was in town for work and texted to ask me out. I was surprised by the quickness but said sure! We had a great conversation at drinks, realized we had a ton in common, and he was really cute. He owned his own light bulb company and was knowledgeable about business and worldly. After he walked me home we ended up making out and he left saying he’d see me soon. It was a random and fun date, I was excited to see what might happen.

He went back to his city and proceeded to call me every night to talk on the phone. We’d talk about our days but he’d also ask a ton of “get to know you” questions about everything- likes, dislikes, dating past, family, you name it. It felt very intentional on his part and kind of old-fashioned. I chocked it up to him being a nice Jewish boy. This went on for weeks. At times, I felt weird about it because I didn’t even know him and the efforts on his part were very consistent. I couldn’t remember the last time I had spoken to a guy EVERY night on the phone. It was insane! But it was also sweet and nice in a way. So I took his calls and spent the time getting to know him. After a few weeks he announced he was coming back to my city and it was decided he would stay with me. I wasn’t sure what to expect but prepared for my house guest. The day showed up for him to arrive, he texted me all throughout his drive- he drove 9 hours…

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This is an actual profile of an OKCupid user in California. Warning: Only click through if your gag reflex is strong. Continue reading

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SNL’s “(Do It On My) Twin Bed”

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 4.18.47 PMFor those bringing home a significant other for the holidays, you may be dreading the experience on many levels. For example, being back in your childhood bedroom. Twin bed, high school posters on the wall, unfortunate photos. The experience can be beyond awkward.

Saturday Night Live‘s latest Digital Short “Twin Bed” hits it right on the mark! Click through for video starring the ladies of SNL and NBC’s own Jimmy Fallon… Continue reading

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