Weird Gifts from Guys: The Tiny Dagger

A friend and I recently got into a conversation about weird gifts from guys and she revealed a gem worthy of sharing. Her boyfriend of several years once bought her a charm bracelet, and with it, naturally, a few different charms to go on the bracelet. One of the charms was not like the others, because one of the charms was a tiny silver dagger.

Now, I should have started by describing my friend – she is a sweet, classy lady. She doesn’t have an interest in weaponry or medieval times or pain. She is not gothic. She is ladylike and traditional. Which is why this was so exceptionally funny. How could he get this soo wrong, and why a dagger??

I laughed so hard when she told me this and almost didn’t believe her until the next day at work when she provided the evidence at hand…

You can see it doesn’t appear to have gotten much use.


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