Wall Street Guy Makes Dating Spreadsheet

Sometimes guys do weird things. And other times they do REALLY weird things, like make a spreadsheet of the girls they are trying to date. Creepy.  Please, examine for yourself:

Color-coded, with details like “from coastal Romania” and “well traveled”, this chart even includes a stoplight system for monitoring the ladies (bold entries, for example, indicate who he must contact ASAP). CREEPY. One of his notes on a young lady reads, “works in my building”. Really? Do you really need to remind yourself that a prospective woman you are interested in works in your building? Oh right, you do, because you are interested in several prospective women and thus need to help yourself keep them straight. Totally sweet, bro.

Another item jumped out at us- the woman who was “sourced” from his parents ( they “met her parents in Aruba”). Your parents are trying to match-make for you in the Caribbean islands? Maybe this obsessive compulsive dating disorder you have is hereditary.

Back to the spreadsheet… The “Dates of Message Communication” section is exceptionally creepy. This guy keeps notation on everything. Can’t you just imagine him texting you and then recording it in his Excel ledger? Creep nation.

The story goes that this spreadsheet circulated because the author sent it to a female he was interested in. Yes, you read that right. He sent it to a female he was interested in. AWKWARD. And what would you know, but it made it’s way onto the internet. In an interview with Jezebel.com today, spreadsheet guy said he feels the ex prospective lady friend owes him an apology for sending around the spreadsheet. Interesting. A couple comments about that…

1. Why would you EVER send that to a dating prospect?

2. You are completely at fault.

It’s not surprising whatsoever that this guy works in finance. DOUCHE ALERT! Sounds like another epic story we can throw into the vault of Wall Street Wankers.


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