Thrift Store Antics

I was at a thrift store in Hollywood this past week that is known for having cool, old movie signs, props and all things funky and weird for sale. When I arrived there was a group of guys picking out props for a music video they were shooting. (In addition to selling props, the store also rents them out for photo shoots, etc.)

The guys were picking out a selection of neon sign letters and using them to spell out a phrase that would be important to their shoot. I was hanging around waiting to talk to the shop owner, so I had a chance to observe the guys and get the gist of their project. Of course after a bit of time I was intrigued what video they were shooting and what objects they had picked out. They were a pretty good-looking, hip hop group of guys. Finally they had chosen the perfect items and I looked over to see what they had picked for their music video. The props they had so carefully chosen spelled out:


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