The Scarf Sharers

While running this weekend, I came across this couple walking along the Hudson River.

You know this couples’ type. They’re the type that do EVERYTHING together. From the moment they wake up in the morning til they brush their teeth at night, they are so codependent they can barely function without the other.

So naturally, they share a scarf on a cold blustery day. And naturally, I snapped a photo of them to capture how ridiculous it looks when you attempt to share a scarf with your significant other. Each had it wrapped around their neck in the exact same fashion, and timed their steps in perfect synchronization so as to avoid strangulation.

Dude, get your own scarf and stop carrying your girlfriend’s tote bag. There are plenty of scarves to go around. For example, they are sold for $5 on every corner in Union Square. Do something for the economy and humanity and pick one up. I bet your friends don’t even recognize you anymore.


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