The Office Move

The administrative assistant in my office was commiserating with me about our upcoming office move, as most of the annoyance will fall on her shoulders. As I asked her about it she laughed and referenced a move she led at her old firm where she had to sort through, pack and unpack personal items for two of the male executives. It all started when she went to pack up the senior accountant on the floor…Everything seemed straightforward until she needed to move his credenza and found something very unusual stashed behind it – a black, leather whip! Interesting. Feeling completely awkward, she packed it in the box and at the new place put it exactly in the same place in his new credenza. (The place of employment, by the way, was a large accounting firm, if I didn’t already say that.) At the next staff meeting he seemed to remember the item suddenly and looked at her with blazing red cheeks of embarrassment. This guy was married. Perhaps he and his wife enjoyed middle-aged whipping sessions in the office? Eek.

The second scenario happened when a younger male accountant phoned in to say he’d been appointed to a client project in another state and could she please pack up his things? She obliged and started packing up his office. Everything seemed normal until she opened a drawer in his desk and found a literal STASH of condoms- every color, every flavor. She also found a g-string and women’s underwear. Lovely. Being the incredibly hard-working person she is, she packed everything up and moved the belongings not raising a fuss. When the move commenced and he returned to the office, he could not bear to look her in the face. Hugely embarassed, he apologized for her having to find that stuff to which she said, “I’m just glad you’re being safe”.

She’s got more tolerance than me!


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