The Morning After Conundrum

We’ve all been there (well, most of us I would like to think have been there). You go out one night and meet someone out at a bar. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know you’re back at your apartment and a sleepover ensues. When the sun rises, the entire night becomes a distant memory and cold hard reality slaps you in the face. He’s standing over your bed telling you he has to go, holding his phone in his hand checking his messages, likely from his friends texting him “Bro, where did you go?” or “so and so totally ruined my whole fantasy lineup.”

This, ladies, is what can be called a fork in the road. At this point, he can either a) ask for your number, ask you to spell your name if he doesn’t know how to spell it or literally does not remember your name or b) just leave you alone in your bed and never talk to you again.

So we wanted to get your opinion… which is worse? A guy taking your number, but then never calling, or just not taking your number at all, skipping over the nicety of taking it and pretending you’ll actually talk again when he has no interest in seeing you ever again?

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