The “Hang and Bang”

My company recently moved into a new office and had a lot of things we needed to get done- setting up the phones, hanging our TVs in the conference rooms, etc. Unfortunately, the Comcast guy assigned to us was the biggest idiot ever, routinely failing to show up for every scheduled appointment. He kept blowing us off to the point where we had a new business pitch and desperately needed our TV hung up for the presentation…

I called him and left a really rude message on his cell about how it was unacceptable that he’d flaked on us THREE times. He finally called me back and because our phones weren’t working properly the conversation I was having with him ended up on speaker phone just as he said, “Look lady, your TV is what we in the biz call a HANG and BANG, it’s going to literally take me 5 min to hang and then bang it.” The whole office was DYING with laughter. I’ve never worked in the TV world, but I’m pretty sure “hang and bang” isn’t official terminology for the industry – just a guess though.

And no this isn’t a dating story, but it was too funny and priceless not to share!


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