Texts from Exes

A new twitter account called Texts from my Xes came to our attention yesterday, here are a few of our favorites. For more, click here.

textsfrommyXes i can’t quit you. i realize that’s a line from brokeback mountain but it’s honestly how i feel right now.

textsfrommyXes P.S. we both know a sweet guy was never what you were looking for

textsfrommyXes Wore a pair of your underwear to work today. Hope that’s ok. Call me.

textsfrommyXes My buddy just gave me some cupcakes, u want them? I swear I’ll just drop them off and leave…

textsfrommyXes I just drove by your work and honked. Did u hear it? I hope that made u smile.

textsfrommyXes so wait are we just taking a few weeks off? not to be a dick but i want to start having sex again. but its not like i need it right away

textsfrommyXes seeing you sober in the deli was the most awkward moment of my life

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