Tebowing Sweeps the Nation

I still can’t think of Tim Tebow without remembering him crying over bible verses on his eye black after UF lost the SEC Championship to Alabama (see photo). But that was 2009, and 2011 is apparently the year of the newest internet meme… “Tebowing.”

Modeled after planking and owling, Tebowing means to take a knee and silently pray, ala Tim Tebow. A new site dedicated to the move,  Tebowing, requires participants to take a picture of themselves taking a knee/praying Tebow style in a funny place.

Some of our favorites include “treebowing”:

And a dude who actually Tebowed at his wedding (RUN, WOMAN, RUN!)

Anyway, this meme is pretty stupid but entertaining nonetheless. As one sports reporter noted, you should probably get all the Tebowing out of your system before “Cutlering” takes off, which is just lying on your back while someone in a different colored jersey runs past you with a football. ZING. The end.

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