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Co-worker DRAMA

I was riding my bike on my university’s campus the other evening when I heard two women loudly arguing. I looked around to see where the noise was coming from and realized it was a pair of ladies sitting next … Continue reading

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“Yo Let’s Text For Awhile and Maybe Hook Up”

This was submitted from a reader in San Francisco who found it on jwz.org. Ring any bells? We love this a lot…

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An OkCupid Foul

  Background: i got “picked” on OkCupid by some dude…and then dumped… me: hey, thanks for the stars – very flattering. how are you? nice profile. did you vote yet?

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New Online Dating Site For “Trekkies”

TIME tech blog has reported there is a new online dating site aimed at Star Trek fans called TrekkieDating.com.           And that’s all we have to say about that, except, SINGLE FOR A REASON. To read an … Continue reading

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Grindr Gone Wrong- A Look at What Can Go Wrong with GPS Hookup Apps

I’m not quite sure why I continue to use phone applications as legitimate social spaces with no rules. The bullshitter in myself creates the idea- and I suspect others do, as well- that these are “suitable” places to meet “intriguing” … Continue reading

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Badoo? Badon’t…

Check out this ad for dating site Badoo.com: “Catch crumbs in your mouth??” Ummmmmm. These ads make me not want to meet anyone who’s on Badoo.com!  Advertising fail. SFAR

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Long-Winded, Passive Aggressive Texter Makes an Uh-Oh

Today, we learned of a fellow New York lady who recently went out with a lawyer she met at a bar. After their first date, he texted her to see whether she wanted to go out again because he “didn’t … Continue reading

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Wall Street Guy Makes Dating Spreadsheet

Sometimes guys do weird things. And other times they do REALLY weird things, like make a spreadsheet of the girls they are trying to date. Creepy.  Please, examine for yourself: Color-coded, with details like “from coastal Romania” and “well traveled”, … Continue reading

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And the Douchiest Shirt Award Goes to…

I recently saw a guy wearing this shirt at the gym. For the record, guys, this is not a good look, nor does it attract the ladiez. This shirt should not be worn anywhere.If you must wear it somewhere, that … Continue reading

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Someecard on Internet Stalking

This resonates.

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