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Song of the Day: Tous Les Mêmes

Stromae is fabulous, this song is beyond catchy and these lyrics (see translation below) are extremely on point. Translation: “All you men are all the same Macho but cheap A band of wimpy unfaithfuls So predictable. No, I’m not certain … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: Shoop

Nothing better than… Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop”… Click through for more!

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Summer Playlist: Later Dude! Addition

We’re supremely lucky at SFAR that one of our co-founders is related to a bomb ass DJ. Said disc jockey, DJ Shmalifornia of KSPC in Claremont, CA has compiled the first of several sum-sum-summer mixes for SFAR listeners. The theme … Continue reading

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No Bananas Allowed

My ex hated bananas (yes, the fruit) to the point that no one was allowed to eat them around her. She did not just dislike the fruit she hated everything having to do with bananas and banana flavor- chocolate banana, … Continue reading

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Announcing the WINNER of SFAR’s End of Summer Story Contest

It’s still summer, right? Well, it is in our minds. We’re holding on to every last drop of summer fun we can get our hands on!! SFAR’s second End of Summer Story Contest was met with great enthusiasm and participation. … Continue reading

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Garlic Pill Epidemic

When my ex-boyfriend and I were first together, I noticed on more than one occasion that he would smell STRONGLY of garlic on his breath, when we hadn’t eaten anything garlicky. One night I mentioned to him that he smelled … Continue reading

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Lyrics From an 8 Year Old

I picked up these lyrics from the little girl I babysit. Apparently break-ups happen at every age. SFAR

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We’ve got Swag

Wonderful SFAR readers, we’ve got swag. And so can you. Check out SFAR Merchandise via our CafePress site. Baseball hats, coffee mugs, shot glasses, magnets. SFAR swag. Enjoy shopping. Thank you for your support! xoxoxoxoxox SFAR

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SFAR Art: Love Don’t Pay the Bills

Courtesy of Forever 21 and a reader in NY, “Love Don’t Pay the Bills”. Real talk. SFAR

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The Car Window Personal Ad

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