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Con Artists from Vermont

Once upon a time I took a road trip with my girls to celebrate the graduation of one of our friends, let’s call her Mary, from our college. We set off in her SUV toward the location of her choosing:┬áVermont, … Continue reading

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An Older Gentleman and A Lady Named Mary Kate Olsen

Age differences are great, until they look like this:           Here are 26-year-old Mary Kate Olsen and her 42-year-old boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy. She looks terrified and he looks like a pedophile molesting her face. End this … Continue reading

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Bizarre Completely Bare Email Links Engagements with Brazilians. WTF Cindy Barshop, YOU DON’T KNOW ME.

Recently, the waxing salon Completely Bare sent out this email to their customers. When I opened it, I was confused because neither of these statements are true, they used the letter U to replace the word you, and even if … Continue reading

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The Nation’s Capital of Awkwardness

On a 3-day business trip I became chummy with a heavy-set guy who worked in our company’s office in Washington, DC, where my work meetings were being held. We hung out a couple of nights over drinks which culminated in … Continue reading

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One Investment Banker’s Approach to Dating

In New York, dating is an activity. Nay, it is a sport. And in this sport, there are many crazy sequences of events that lead to many hilarious stories (some of which end up right here on this blog). Once … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Concrete Waves, by Kendra Morris

Song of the Day: Concrete Waves, by Kendra Morris We love Kendra Morris. She is a local New Yorker and a badass chick. Check out the video which is beautifully shot all over the city. We are entranced! Xo SFAR

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We Call This Move “The Puppeteer”

Have you ever been out at a bar and all of a sudden, had a puppet shoved into your face by a random man you have never met? Neither had we… until this weekend. Believe it or not, we encountered … Continue reading

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SFAR Invitation: SlutWalk NYC

To everyone in the New York area, we want to invite you to participate in the SlutWalk taking place this Saturday in Union Square. SlutWalk is about reclaiming the word that is used so harshly against women. Why is it … Continue reading

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Your Vanity Plate Rocks

Psyche! It’s awful. SFAR

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Ex “Entitlement”

The following conversation was overheard while dining at my favorite local restaurant Friday evening. The two guys involved were young, nice looking young men approximately 30 years old. Guy 1: I saw you texting before. Is she in town? Guy … Continue reading

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