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Charming Manchild

The only go-to hookup buddy I’ve ever had in my life is kind of a dud. My 8th grade best friend and I aptly dubbed him “The Skankmaster.” Going into high school, he got alot of ass because he played the guitar. At … Continue reading

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Como Se Dice (How do you say?)

I sit beside a young Guatemalan couple in Antigua, drinking my glass of wine and watching the sunset. They smile at me politely, hold hands, and stare into each other’s eyes. The girl gets up to use the restroom. The … Continue reading

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Best Reservation Request Ever

Background: A man decides he’s going to take a girl out to the Palm for their first date (pretty nice!). When he goes on OpenTable to snap up the rez, he had some very specific instructions for where he wanted to … Continue reading

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Announcing: SFAR’s End of Summer Story Contest!!!!

Today we are launching our first official competition, SFAR’s End of Summer Contest. During the month of August we are asking you to submit new and funny stories that could win you a sweet prize. Submission topics can be anything … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Child Fool You

I’ve been traveling around Latin America for the last seven months, and in every country I have experienced something SFAR worthy. Here is one such example. Walking through Banos, Ecuador, very early on a Sunday, I pass a nice-looking man in … Continue reading

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Infographic Beard Guide

Bearded people can be mysterious. Thus, modern-day guides have been invented to help potential mates understand the furry-faced. Here is one infographic guide we greatly enjoy courtesy of visual.ly entitled, “The Trustworthiness of Beards”. [Click the above image to see in detail.] As our suspicions … Continue reading

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Love From Florence

Love from Florence, Italy. Where men have been leering at women for generations. This photo serves as the front of the menu from renowned (and otherwise delightful) restaurant Gilli. Buon appetito!

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