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Older, Not Wiser

I met this guy at a back-to-school event. He’s a grad student in my department, I’m an undergrad. I’d never seen him around, as there’s not a ton of crossover between the graduate students & undergrads in our programs. But … Continue reading

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Ultra Death, Ultra Uncomfortable

After work one day, I was over at this guy’s apartment.  We were dating for a while at this point.  As we talked about our days, the guy started unpacking his bag and took out a ziplock back containing hot … Continue reading

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The Urge to Merge

I did a LOT of dumb things in my college years and continue to do so well into adulthood. However, my lack of sober judgment the night I made out with Miranda repeatedly trumps most drunken mistakes but mostly because … Continue reading

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Sometimes after a hook-up, you choose to call and leave a voicemail. PLAY: I’m Tina Note, the recipient of this voice mail is not named Reginald and did not have a tryst with Tina. He received this on his voicemail at … Continue reading

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Condoms Prevent Minivans

An important reminder for the weekend/life. Wrap it up. [Source: StumbleUpon]

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Charming Manchild

The only go-to hookup buddy I’ve ever had in my life is kind of a dud. My 8th grade best friend and I aptly dubbed him “The Skankmaster.” Going into high school, he got alot of ass because he played the guitar. At … Continue reading

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Mutton Chops and Infidelity

Prelude: I wish I had written this when I remembered more. I began my evening with 4 Loko around 10PM- that was my first mistake. I soon ventured out to Long Island City with friends- then Greenpoint- then decided that … Continue reading

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America the Beautiful

‘Twas the eve of our nation’s birthday, and my state could be described as charmingly sloppy and I was having all kinds of success on the dance floor. In fact, I was so smitten with one particular dancing partner, we … Continue reading

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Announcing: SFAR’s End of Summer Story Contest!!!!

Today we are launching our first official competition, SFAR’s End of Summer Contest. During the month of August we are asking you to submit new and funny stories that could win you a sweet prize. Submission topics can be anything … Continue reading

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XXX XXXX Bud- Call Me

We are all about creativity and expression. We’re also fans of social networking in public without having a dude accidentally swig out of your beer. With that said, let us introduce Anheuser-Busch’s “My Bud Light”, a new way to personalize … Continue reading

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