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Grindr Gone Wrong- A Look at What Can Go Wrong with GPS Hookup Apps

I’m not quite sure why I continue to use phone applications as legitimate social spaces with no rules. The bullshitter in myself creates the idea- and I suspect others do, as well- that these are “suitable” places to meet “intriguing” … Continue reading

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Woman Discovers Ex-Boyfriend Living in Her Attic

This story out of North Carolina is exceptionally creepy. A Charlotte, NC woman was startled this week when she heard rumbling in her ceiling and made the horrifying discovery that her ex-boyfriend was LIVING in her attic, spying on her … Continue reading

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Are You Wearing My Jacket?

Once upon a holiday break, I went to a party hosted by friends of mine I’d gone to high school with. Going into an event like that, you know you are going to come across a variety of people- some … Continue reading

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