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Grindr Gone Wrong- A Look at What Can Go Wrong with GPS Hookup Apps

I’m not quite sure why I continue to use phone applications as legitimate social spaces with no rules. The bullshitter in myself creates the idea- and I suspect others do, as well- that these are “suitable” places to meet “intriguing” … Continue reading

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Why Yes, They Are Mine

I was walking in Union Square Park to meet a friend for dinner, looking very weary after work when I ran into a friend. We chatted for a bit and as we said goodbye, two awkward chubby 15-year-old boys crossed … Continue reading

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A few months ago I was set up with a guy through a friend who she said I would like. He was great on paper and thanks to Facebook, and the fact that blind dates are no longer 100% blind, … Continue reading

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West Coast Truckin’ With Your Vanity Plate

My sister and I spied this really “sweet” pick-up truck driving on the freeway the other day. Yes, that appears to be a black, white and gray camouflage flame motif on the side to compliment the black rims and dark tinted windows. … Continue reading

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Charming Manchild

The only go-to hookup buddy I’ve ever had in my life is kind of a dud. My 8th grade best friend and I aptly dubbed him “The Skankmaster.” Going into high school, he got alot of ass because he played the guitar. At … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker: Wyoming


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Chilling with my Bros in Speedos

#1 Pictures like this are embarrassing and should never be posted on Facebook. #2 You know how guys are always joking about camel toes? Well, there is a male camel toe in this photograph. Who can spot the ball toe?!

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