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“My Friends Are Married” Blog Captures What It’s Like to be a 20-Something Whose Friends are Pairing Off

If there has been one good thing that has emerged on the internet in 2012, it is explosion in the use of GIFs. For a while,¬†WhatShouldWeCallMe consumed much of our work days and had us rolling on the floor, but … Continue reading

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The Scarf Sharers

While running this weekend, I came across this couple walking along the Hudson River. You know this couples’ type. They’re the type that do EVERYTHING together. From the moment they wake up in the morning til they brush their teeth … Continue reading

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Lazy Bum

As I sat drinking my daily coffee, I observed a couple with a moving van outside the building. The girl was hauling and lifting while her boyfriend was sitting in the van playing with his phone. He barely looked up … Continue reading

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