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This Bed is Occupied

In college I hooked up with girls, as did many other young women at my college. One of my first experiences was with an older girl, let’s call her Elise, who I thought was so incredibly beautiful and awesome. She … Continue reading

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The Urge to Merge

I did a LOT of dumb things in my college years and continue to do so well into adulthood. However, my lack of sober judgment the night I made out with Miranda repeatedly trumps most drunken mistakes but mostly because … Continue reading

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Charming Manchild

The only go-to hookup buddy I’ve ever had in my life is kind of a dud. My 8th grade best friend and I aptly dubbed him “The Skankmaster.” Going into high school, he got alot of ass because he played the guitar. At … Continue reading

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GQ’s 10 Douchiest Colleges in America

                       The August issue of GQ features Mila Kunis on the cover and a very funny and accurate ranking of the country’s douchiest colleges. What’s best about this piece is not only which colleges they chose, but the minute descriptive portrayals … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess with Texas

Scene: Pat Green Concert, New York City Girl is approached by a guy in a shirt that looks like the Texas state flag much like this one: Pat begins playing “Wave on Wave” and the place goes wild. The guy asks … Continue reading

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