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Cat-calls From Old Men

Walking past two old men in Granada, Nicaragua, I politely tell them ‘excuse me,’ in Spanish. They’ve occupied the whole sidewalk, and they’re both drunk; you can tell by the way that they’re swaying and clinging to each other. They eye me as … Continue reading

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The Duck Face

I was walking in Paris recently when a man in a Fiat started cat-calling me. I turned to cross at the next street light to avoid him, when he turned the car to get another chance to try his game. … Continue reading

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Minivan Cruiser

Walking down the street in a lakeside town on vacation with my sister, two men pulled up to a stoplight in a minivan with the windows down, blaring music. I glanced over and they were making gestures, cat-calling, typical gross … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Child Fool You

I’ve been traveling around Latin America for the last seven months, and in every country I have experienced something SFAR worthy. Here is one such example. Walking through Banos, Ecuador, very early on a Sunday, I pass a nice-looking man in … Continue reading

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Love From Florence

Love from Florence, Italy. Where men have been leering at women for generations. This photo serves as the front of the menu from renowned (and otherwise delightful) restaurant Gilli. Buon appetito!

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