Subway Peepshow

I was riding the train to the school where I teach one morning when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Some sort of seeds (maybe sunflower seeds?) were spilling out of a paper bag a man seated across from me was holding. The falling seeds caught my attention and then I noticed the man who was holding them. The man was wearing sunglasses, a hooded sweatshirt and ripped up jeans. They were the kind of jeans you would expect to find holes in the knees but this guy had the “shredded denim” specifically in his crotch area. I know this because he was sitting spread eagle. Even worse I then unfortunately noticed – wait for it- that his “member” was completely exposed and 100% visible. He was not wearing underwear. I was so in shock and uncomfortable that I made a disgusted face, at which point we had a moment of awkward eye contact- he actually made eye contact and kept sitting there with his ripped jeans spread open and his dick exposed. I attempted to make eye contact with other riders in the train car. Wasn’t anyone else noticing this man’s lewd display???
As soon as we got to my stop I hurried off and didn’t look back.
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