Slippy Slidey

My boyfriend came home from a business trip in Toronto and relayed the following story he’d heard from a group of male colleagues:

Once upon a time, a young man brought a young woman home to his place where they made out and started to get hot and heavy. It was their first time hooking up.

At some point, the guy asked if she wanted to get “slippy-slidey.” Though she had no idea what he was referring to, she said yes.

He led her into his bedroom, tore off the sheets and revealed the plastic surface of his water bed. From there, he proceeded to pull out a jug of Mazola cooking oil and pour it all over the rubber mattress. He then undressed and dove headfirst on to the lubed up waterbed.

Because the surface was so slick he slammed head first in to the headboard.

The young woman ran over to see if he was okay, quickly realizing he’d knocked himself unconscious. Despite the fact that she did not know where she was, or what his name was, she searched for the phone and called 911. An ambulance arrived to collect the unconscious man….still lubed up….still naked. And the young woman got the hell out of dodge.


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