Older, Not Wiser

I met this guy at a back-to-school event. He’s a grad student in my department, I’m an undergrad. I’d never seen him around, as there’s not a ton of crossover between the graduate students & undergrads in our programs. But we got along well, and he got my number at the end of the night.

A few days later, he calls? texts? I can’t remember, asking me out for a drink at the on-campus bar. I was game, so I said sure, and we met up there. He was a bit awkward, but we started chatting. At some point early in the evening, he mentioned that I “”look like I’m 14 (this should have been a tip-off… ) A. Thanks? B. I gather that to mean he finds 14 year-old girls attractive. Creepy. But of course, this is in hindsight…

Eventually, we head back to his place. He puts on a Beatles record and we start making out. He keeps trying to go further, but I’m not into it, and let him know as much. At one point, he says, “c’mon, we’re not in middle school.” We keep making out. I quickly get the impression he’s not very experienced at this stuff, despite being older than me. Not only is he a bad kisser, but he also seemed to think my bladder was an erogenous zone (here’s a hint: it’s not. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to press on the bladder of a girl who’s already downed a couple vodka-crans, I’m just saying). Eventually, I made an excuse and left.

After all this, I’m positive it was as bad an experience for him as it was for him.

Apparently not.

Throughout the week, he texts me/calls me/leaves me a voicemail, asking if I want to “hang out” again the next weekend.

(One gem of a text after I walked past him on campus and didnt’t recognize him at first said: “you don’t need to look so scared when you see me :)”)

Needless to say, I don’t want to hang out again.

I called him on Sunday morning to let him know as much.  He bitched me out for waking him up and hung up super crabby.

Just another example of why I’m SFAR!

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