Nice Guys of OkC

Several readers have written us about a popular Tumblr “Nice Guys of OkCupid”. The blog is a collection of photos of single guys on OkCupid who in their profile describe themselves as “nice guys” and also make at least one d-bag comment which cancels out the whole nice guy notion. As you might guess there are hundreds of profiles like this. Here’s an example:


We’ve blacked out the face in the image above because as with everything on SFAR, we keep things anonymous. Nice Guys of OkC doesn’t which may lead to its downfall.

Already it has been charged with violating privacy rights. It has yet to be seen how long the Nice Guys of OkC Tumblr will be in operation. For now, it’s a funny premise and we’re enjoying it.

For all the haters who are bashing the blog and writing in feeling sorry for themselves and standing by their self-proclaimed “nice guy” status, a couple things:

A. You can’t be a nice guy and think no means yes. Rape isn’t funny.

B. Don’t say boobies in your profile. It’s creepy.

C. Don’t refer to women as bitches or sluts or any other demeaning terminology in your profile. Why would any woman want to date a person who speaks like that?!

D. Please keep your shirt on in your photos. This isn’t soft-core porn.

E. If you’re a nice guy, keep being a nice guy and someone will see that in you. Passive aggressiveness and hostile humor isn’t going to help you get anywhere.

On a related topic, has anyone anywhere ever met someone great through OkCupid? We’d be fascinated to hear about that.


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