Top 10 Most LovableThings About “New Girl”

The TV show “New Girl” is a new sitcom on FOX, starring the hilarious and beautiful Zooey Deschanel. In addition to being quirky and adorable, she is hilarious in her role as Jess, a teacher who recently broke up with her boyfriend and takes an open room in an apartment with three very bro-y dudes. We’re not going to tell you any more because we want you to watch it… like right now.

In the meantime, here is our Top 10 list of our Favorite things about “New Girl”:

10. The kid who challenges Winston at the wedding

9. Winston and his foreign athletic history

8. Jess at the wedding

7. Schmidt’s cowboy jacket

6. Jess’ accent

5. Coach’s shouting issues in the Pilot

4. Jess’ ex boyfriend (grungy loser, very SFAR-worthy)

3. Schmidt. So metro-frat boy douchebag (yet funny and loveable)

2. Jess’ habit of singing moments of life

1. The douchebag jar (which the guys put money in if they do something very douche-y. Kind of like a swearing jar for our generation- genius)

To view episodes of “New Girl” on Hulu, click Here

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