“My Friends Are Married” Blog Captures What It’s Like to be a 20-Something Whose Friends are Pairing Off

If there has been one good thing that has emerged on the internet in 2012, it is explosion in the use of GIFs. For a while, WhatShouldWeCallMe consumed much of our work days and had us rolling on the floor, but after it died down and its knockoffs started getting a bit redundant, we were worried that GIFs would get played. However, that was before we were introduced to the gem that is the blog My Friends are Married.

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she realizes that it wouldn’t be THAT weird and people probably wouldn’t look at her that funny if she were married. Approximately two seconds after this moment passes, her friends start getting married. And I mean actual friends, and I mean ACTUALLY married, like buying a house together and talking about babies married. Not that girl in your bio class who was engaged at 21 and you scoffed at because sheesh, she was going to miss out on her whole twenties- what an idiot to get married so young! When your friends are the ones getting married, shit gets real, and for those of us living through the engagements, Facebook albums, dress fittings, and everything else that goes along with a wedding, we present to you the awesome and incredible MyFriendsAreMarried.tumblr.com.

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