Monkey Ugly Shoes

These shoes are not funny. They are awkward and ugly and should only be found on the feet of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We wrote about “toe shoes” a couple weeks back when we learned that young ladies were being courted by buffoons wearing this alien-like footwear. Later that week, we were at the gym and saw a guy wearing them. It felt like the trend was spreading…

Well that may just be the case, because according to TechCrunch, toe shoe footwear company, Vibram, is doing so well they are coming out with MORE designs.

We’re hoping this trend starts being outlawed for promoting public indecency. In the meantime, the nightmare goes on.

p.s. We promise you the college boyfriend who showed up in Crocs, is out somewhere sporting these heinous shoes now too. 100%.


To read more from TechCrunch: Click Here

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