Minivan Cruiser

Walking down the street in a lakeside town on vacation with my sister, two men pulled up to a stoplight in a minivan with the windows down, blaring music. I glanced over and they were making gestures, cat-calling, typical gross stuff. Kind of hard not to notice. I shot them a disinterested look and slowed down my walk to hopefully lose them. I was trying to enjoy my vacation! As they drove through the light I noticed the back of the car- sorry, the minivan- had one of those stickers of a stick people family. You know the kind that are stuck on the back of every American family’s SUV or minivan?

On top of the guys being gross, from the sights of the sticker at least one of them appeared to have been a married man with kids. Might want to try not using the family minivan to drive around and cat-call girls, guys.


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