Still. A. Dude. | Men in Lady Boots

Come on. I mean, there is no reason for men to wear women’s boots. They can’t even be comfortable. Men and women have different-shaped/sized feet. Science proves it!

You know what I’m talking about. Guys wearing skinny jeans tucked into Hunter or calf-length leather boots. Disclaimer: Hunter makes men’s boots – I am quite aware. However, they are meant for working the cow pastures in Iowa or Ireland, not working the runways in Chelsea. Side note: Attractive Iowa/Ireland farmers – get in touch if you’re ever in the city, but you can leave the work boots at home. Casual will do just fine!

OK, back on track. Guys – I understand the need to protect your Seven jeans from the elements, but there are more flattering ways. Yes, your shoes should match your attitude, but Bloomingdale’s (hell, even Zacky’s in SoHo) offer many winter/rain-ready boots for dudes – and trendy ones at that.

You may be single, dating or taken, but, regardless, you’re still a dude.

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