Mantyhose, Men in Tights

Pantyhose are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Comfortable they are not, but they are one of those necessary evils women deal with to keep up appearances and stay warm in the winter months. However, the term “sausage casing” (as I often refer to pantyhose) has taken on a whole new meaning with the advent of “Mantyhose,” which is just a fancy term for tights for men.

Since first hearing about the arrival of “Mantyhose” from NY Magazine last week, we have been ruminating on the concept and trying to hold down our lunch while doing so. Our first thought was “are you f*cking kidding me?” and the second was “Oh jeeze, this is REALLY HAPPENING?!”

Apparently this is a real trend, and companies are starting to see upticks in the amount of men buying pantyhose. There is even a website called entirely devoted to men who enjoy wearing tights.  Maureen Dowd even wrote a piece on it in the New York Times!

Putting on stockings is a process that most women have had down to an art since their mother first sat them down and taught them how to put them on delicately and correctly. The thought of a man rolling tights gently onto their hands and pulling them up is quite disturbing, not to mention an SFAR story waiting to happen. Just imagine waking up and seeing this staring back at you:

Putting on pantyhosePutting on pantyhose

Nothing says sexy like control top on a man!

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