Long-Winded, Passive Aggressive Texter Makes an Uh-Oh

Today, we learned of a fellow New York lady who recently went out with a lawyer she met at a bar. After their first date, he texted her to see whether she wanted to go out again because he “didn’t want to waste his time” (the quintessential New Yorker’s approach to dating).

The resulting texting exchange that ensued is not only entertaining, but gives us a look into the mind of someone who’s just been rejected. In this guy’s case is goes like this: 1) Rate the girl on some 10 point scale that apparently applies to all women everywhere and puts a quantifiable number on their worthiness of your attention, affirm to your bros that she is in fact only “average.” 2) Tell yourself, and her for that matter, that she was the lucky one to be graced by your fedora-wearing, avenger-watching presence.

And here are the texts for your reading pleasure:

Source: Gawker

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