John Mayer, Still a Douche

Here we are again, blogging about the douche that is John Mayer.

Several articles have been published this week in regards to statements made by John Mayer in a recent interview in Rolling Stone. In the article, Mayer decries Taylor Swift’s song “Dear John” (which is allegedly about him), stating that he found her display of public emotion through song, “kind of cheap songwriting”. He went on to elevate his personal pity party by saying that Dear John “really caught him off guard” and “humiliated” him at a time when he’d already been “dressed down”. BOO freaking who. You know what we think of John Mayer? He’s an asshole. An asshole who skeeves around with women and girls, and happened to really hurt one young woman who was not only HIGHLY talented but held a tremendous fan base. Probably should have thought about that in advance, Johnny Boy!

Every element of his interview in Rolling Stone is so unbelievably self-serving.

First, he cuts down Taylor’s songwriting abilities. Really? Taylor Swift is one of the top grossing artists of our time. She has won dozens of awards, played hundreds of sold-out shows around the globe and shows no sign of slowing down. Jealous?

Second, saying he was “really caught off guard” by the lyrics of the song. Sorry, were you not actually part of the courting process that ensued? How could you have NO idea how she felt about things? Were you also not aware she was the tender age of 19? People tend to be pretty impressionable at that age. Perhaps you were stoned and unaware of the words coming out of your mouth in this interview. You are 34 years old. Grow up.

Finally, it shouldn’t be anyone’s concern that JM was “humiliated” at a time he was “already humiliated”. He did a lot of stupid things for a serious stretch of time, offended and hurt a lot of people, including some very high profile successful women. You can’t play like that.

We don’t feel bad for JM, and if anything this makes him seem like more of a sad douche bag. Sorry that someone who’s younger than you finally put you in your place.

John Mayer has already been our Douche of the Week. If you’d like to read that click here.

And whatever YOU do, Ms. Taylor Swift, keep up the awesome, strong, spirited good work. We heart you big time.



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