“I work in finance”- A Pet Peeve

Dear Men of New York,

When I meet you and you ask the obligatory first question of every conversation in New York (“What do you do?”), I will happily oblige and tell you what you really want to know, which is where I work and how much money I make.

However, when I return the question and ask “How about you?” please do not answer with the four word answer I hear all too often: “I work in finance.”

NEWS FLASH. We both live in New York, and even though I don’t work in finance, I do know alot of people who also work in finance. I therefore know the names of alot of banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions. You can tell me where you work, I will understand and it will lead to more intriguing conversation than you telling me you work in an enormous industry without giving any specifics. I may be blonde, but I’m not dumb. My brain can process what your company does, so please expand, I can take it.


A New York Lady

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