How’s your health?

A friend of mine set me up with his coworker, and I should have been skeptical for a few reasons, but as a single New York woman quickly approaching 30, I was working on keeping an open mind. Here were a few warning signs that I chose to ignore:

1. He was my friend’s pot dealer. As someone who enjoys smoking occasionally, I did not see this as a total dealbreaker.
2. The setup was under the context, “Hey D, do you know any cool single girls I can date?” and not so much you two have a lot in common. Still worth a try.
3. He had two cats. I hate cats. And a 36 year old with 2 cats? That’s creepy.

Alas, the date began not so terribly. He was semi attractive and very complimentary, but then before I had even finished one drink, he started coming on a little strong, asking me how I thought the date was going and if he was like I pictured. Awkward.

Fast forward to one more drink and sushi and I could tell this guy is really into me but I was not really feeling it. He said we should hang out that weekend and watch a movie at his apartment (with his 2 cats) and I managed to make up that I was going out of town.

Then the kicker – we were having semi-normal first date conversation, when he asked:

“How’s your health?”

“Huh? Umm, it’s fine.” I paused, confused and at first thinking he was alluding to being in shape or eating well or something. “Wait, what do you mean by that?” I asked him to clarify.

“Your sexual health,” he said, dead serious. “You can never be too careful these days.”

Check please.

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