How To Pretend You Haven’t Googled Him via Reductress

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.51.07 PMIf you haven’t checked out Reductress, you should. It’s basically a feminist version of “The Onion” where stories about women and women’s topics are hit head-on with sarcasm and wit. A recent favorite find on Reductress is entitled, “How to Pretend You Haven’t Googled Him”. It’s extremely on point. Click through for the list…

Reductress writer Matt Rogers outlines three points for pretending you haven’t Googled him. Our favorite?

“Have Exclamations Ready:

Thirty minutes on Facebook and you’ll know everything about him, but it’s important that you act like you’re listening when you meet him in-person. Have a unique exclamation picked out for every reveal, like when he tells you that his cousin is actually Chris Pine from Star Trek. “Wow!”, “That’s amazing!” and “Oh, great!” all say, “I’m surprised and delighted by this new information. I haven’t already been texting my cousin Kristina about it all morning. We always say we would fuck Chris Pine.”

In the age of social media and online dating, nothing is more true than this observation about dating and awkwardness. Love it and so SFAR.

Click here: to read all of Rogers’ Google tips.

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