Guys on TV These Days

There is still a plethora of garbage television on the air these days. You know, the kind of show where all the actors weigh 90 pounds and spend the majority of their time chasing drugs and guys (cough, 90210).  However, we are also super lucky to live in a time where there are numerous quality sitcoms on TV that do not objectify women. Some of our favorites include The Office, 30 Rock, New Girl, Up All Night and Parks and Recreation.

Several of the shows in that list have something stellar in common: goofy male characters who capture some of the cheesy language and behavior guys use to impress girls. Who, specifically are we referring to? Meet New Girl’s Schmidt and Parks and Recreation’s Tom Haverford:

Do you think the fact that Parks and Rec and New Girl have female writers has something to do with how hilarious the shows are? We’re going to go with absolutely yes.



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