Funny or Die: Tinder Too

Several social media apps enable millenials to meet new people with a few pushes of a button on their smart phones.  Tinder, as one popular example, is an app that connects interested singles with the friends of their friends using individuals’ Facebook data. So, if you’re connected on Tinder, you can see who in your general radius of “acquaintances” is somewhere nearby and arrange to meet up.

Lulu is another popular app which encourages users to rate guys they’ve dated in the past using a series of multiple choice questions. They are both imperfect apps, and particularly with Tinder, the question of safety and real dating legitimacy can be strongly questioned. Will meeting up with a random guy (who knows someone you know) at a bar because he’s in your vicinity lead to romance? Maybe. And maybe NOT. Funny or Die give their take on it in this hilarious new video. Check it out:


 xo SFAR
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