Double-Borough Dating

We hate to give this guy more attention. Because he’s a hardcore serious douche. We do however want to make you aware that things like this HAPPEN.

According to an article in the New York Post last week, a 27 year old financial analyst was busted when his girlfriend spotted him out to dinner with…his girlfriend? Yes, he was maintaining two long term girlfriends in the same city. Until this point he had kept them separated by only seeing them in different areas of NYC. Apparently this became too challenging for him to keep straight, he accidentally brought Girlfriend #1 to Girlfriend #2’s neighborhood, and BAM– drink in the face.

Now, what is so shocking about this story is not that a young financial analyst was two-timing. Ha! We’ve seen it a million times. No, what was shocking is that he managed to maintain the two serious relationships for a long time- 6mos. and 1 yr, respectively. We’ve got to believe there was some real patience and heartache on the part of the girlfriends, for putting up with a smooth liar (“working late”, on “business trips”, etc.) for so many months, which is just so…sad.

Full Article: Click Here

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