Dear Dude, Your iPhone is Smarter Than You

A friend of mine at work relayed the following story to me today. Last night she got a text from a guy who’s been chasing her pretty hard. He texted to say, “I’ve been thinking about you girl, can’t wait to see you, etc.”. When she looked closer at the text however, she noticed something funnier than his come-on, it was a GROUP text. He had sent the same text to three different girls, which on an iPhone gets bundled into one. She responded inquiring whether he did in fact text multiple girls, to which he responded with some BS line like, “I hate this phone, I have no idea what happened”. Mmmmm hmmm. He went on to ask, “Do you want to have lunch tomorrow?”, to which she replied, “Sorry I have plans. But don’t worry, I’m just 1. You can still try the other 2 out of 3”. End of Story.

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