Cream in your Pants, Not on a Lady’s Leg

So I’d met this guy a few times and we always innocently flirted when we saw each other. He always went out of his way to be very polite and introduce me to all of his friends (and remembered my name, though I forgot his the first 2 times I met him). We saw each other again one night at a friend’s birthday and I was in the mood for a good make out, so after dancing and chatting with him most the night, I let him come back to my house.

We start kissing (with our clothes on) and when he tried to do more I said, “Not tonight…” I told him he could spend the night though, so he took off his jeans off and we kept kissing. He then tried to pull my hand down to get a HJ, but I was not in the mood and didn’t even know the dude’s last name (so we proceed to make-out). Next thing I know, his jizz is ALL over my leg! When I refused to give him what he wanted, he had just done it himself and left the results on my leg and all over my bed.

I am sorry, but since when is it okay to make out with a girl then jack off on her??? I decided not to bring it up because…. EW, and it just wasn’t worth it.

Then the next morning when we wake up… I am gracious enough to drive him home and not make him take the metro. He didn’t ask for my number and leaves by saying “See ya, Buddy”, leaving me to think only that he doesn’t remember my name (though he knew my name every other time I saw him after that).

Two weeks later, I got a Facebook message from him asking to hang out… Thanks, but NO thanks.

To top it off, he told me he was 27 (I’m 25) and our mutual friend told me later that he was 32!!! Not appropriate behavior for a 30 year old.


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