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Long-Winded, Passive Aggressive Texter Makes an Uh-Oh

Today, we learned of a fellow New York lady who recently went out with a lawyer she met at a bar. After their first date, he texted her to see whether she wanted to go out again because he “didn’t … Continue reading

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Dear Dude, Your iPhone is Smarter Than You

A friend of mine at work relayed the following story to me today. Last night she got a text from a guy who’s been chasing her pretty hard. He texted to say, “I’ve been thinking about you girl, can’t wait … Continue reading

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Texting- A Helpful Legend

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Wrong Number Much?

Recently I received the following text not intended for me. Prepare yourself. Text: “yeah girl it is that big. come by my room at lunch and ill show you and yeah… i technically have a girlfriend but she’ll never find … Continue reading

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Whyyyy do you BBM me?

So I’ve been in a very college-esque relationship with this guy (i.e. we hook up casually; he refuses to commit; I know I’m stupid, and the cycle continues). Anyway, I go through this conversation probably 3 times a week with … Continue reading

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What’s Your Deal?

I went on a date with a totally sweet guy. Complete gentleman, whatever. So we see each other again and after the date things get, well, quickly intimate. We continue to communicate over text for the next few days. On … Continue reading

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Text Boyfriend

Occasionally we stumble upon amazing items on the Internet. Today was one of those days. We introduce to you “Text Boyfriend,” a subscription texting service that texts subscribers “sweet” text messages 3 times per week. This, according to their marketers, is … Continue reading

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Background: Girl receives voicemail from a dude she doesn’t know. Girl texts dude that he has the wrong number, and receives this text in return.                        

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A new twitter account called Texts from my Xes came to our attention yesterday, here are a few of our favorites. For more, click here. textsfrommyXes i can’t quit you. i realize that’s a line from brokeback mountain but it’s … Continue reading

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No Strings Attached

Guy: We can be like the movie No Strings Attached. You can be Natalie and I’ll be Ashton Girl: (No Response) Guy: Come to Ashton, Natalie Girl: (No response) Guy: No strings attached, promise Girl: (No response)

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